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5th gen dynamat write up

This write up is very brief but I believe will help A LOT for people wanting to dynamat their car a little bit

U need:
Ratchet set 8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm
Flat and Phillips screwdriver
Plenty of dynamat
Dynamat roller

The trunk is the easiest part of the car.
First you take out the carpet and the cardboard underneath.
Then you unscrew the spare tire and take it out
Then if you have never taken the jack out of ur car, I found that it needs to be lowered inside your car before it will come out.
There are a couple pins inside the car. Take out the center part between the lights (hard plastic) there are four pins that u push the center in and pop it out.
Then take off the carpet. It is pretty much tug and pull. From there it should look pretty bare.
Start the dynamiting.
First you put it in then u roll it while using the heat gun.
Replace everything.

Trunk lid: You may use dynamat or dynamat spray.

First take off the front seats. This is quite EASY!
There are two bolts on the front of the seat that connect to the floor. One on the left and one on the right.
There are two more bolts around the back seat floor. They are covered by the little plastic cover. Those come right off.
Unbolt the four bolts and the seat will come right off. Don’t forget to take off the connector for the seat belt. It is under the seat. Do the same thing for the other side.

Now take off the dead pedal. It is three bolts. U can see the holes but not the nuts for the bolt. Just stick in the extension with the ratchet and it will come right off.

Now its time to take off the back seats. First pull down the back seat. Then unbolt the two bolts that are holding the hindges. After you take it off, You need to move it a little bit up and to the side before the part will come off. Now to take off the lower part of the seat, you need to look at the front bottom of the seat. Around the bottom near the door, between the chasis and the seat there is a black stub. Take a clamp of some sort and pull it out, You may have to wiggle it a bit. Do so on both sides of the seat and it will come right off.

Now take off the door sills, those come right off with a screwdriver. Take off the fuse cover and yank the frame of the cover. Both come right off as so with the other side of the car where the electrical stiff is. Take off the center console by removing all the screws. Now everything should be out.

Take off the seat belts. They are held on by a bolt that can be removed by a socket.

Take off the carpet. Dynamat and heat gun it!


Now, rattles come mostly from the rear seats, door, and headliner.
Some tricks I found to come in handy. There are lots of bolts where you took out the back seat. These bolts hold a series of metal pieces together. Take off the bolts and put some dynamat between the bolts metal and other metal. These will get rid of any rattles in back.
With the back seats out, the black part above the rear seats come right out. It is pretty hard to pull off but it will come right out. Just tug hard enough to come out. This black part to clarify is the hard plastic between the rear windown and the quarter window. Put some dynamat there.

Now for the headliner. The rattle comes a wire in the headliner hitting all the stuff inside. Get some eggcrate stuff. If you don’t knw what it is, do you know that stuff where people lay on their beds and it looks like a bunch of mountains? Or the stuff in the box with hard drive boxes to keep it from breaking? Well, put it in there and while ur at it just slap some dyna mat in there. You can feel the wires. Now how do u get to everyhitng up there?
First take off the seal to the sun roof. It pulls right out. Yea the grey liner around the sunroof. Now go to the back of the car. There is a circle screw looking thing. Turn it exactly 90 degrees and pull down from the back of the headliner. The rest just pops right out. So most of the headliner is out. So take a look around and dynamo mat and add the egg crate. So now the top and bottom are done time for the doors.

I found this to be one of the hardest places. First! Take off the black piece above the tweeter. You know the piece that is above the door that is just a cover? Well just take a screwdriver to the top of it and pry it out. Comes out easly. Now take the screw out of the piece that has ur controls on it…. The window and mirror controls. Take the screw out! Now take the screw outa the handle area.
Now to take out the handle area, pull on the handle and push while pulling the black piece. So u need to push towards the front of the car and pull put at the same time. Its really easy cause there is a clip inside that needs to be released. The just pull the rest out. Disconnect the connectors to the panel. There are two, one for the locking and the other you need to take out for the tweeter. Now to take off the handle. Inside is a pink piece connected to the handle whch connects to a bar. Push the pink thingy back away from the bar and then pull the bar up. It comes right out.
Now, take off the speaker grill, it pulls right off.
Take out the speaker.
In the speaker dish area, there are 3 more screws. Take those out as well. After all of that is out, start pulling on the door. Start at the side and work ur way around. It will all come out. There are no clips at the top. (hint to replace: the top of the door must go in the slide first! It is impossible to do the rest and the the top. ) Now, take off the door panel.
Time to dynamo mat. I have found that afer you take off the pink vinyl thing, there is a big hole at the bottom. The easiest wway to remove the pink stuff is pull and take off any screw or bolt in ur way. What I did was put in the dynamat and work my way up the outside of the door. It is not too easy but very doable with the right side cut of dynamat. Just take ur time. After you have done the outside of the door do the inside where before was the panel. Afte you done that do some of the door, just put as much and fill as much as possible cause its just gonna make it better. Replace everything.

So, that’s is the door, the seats the trunk, the interior. There is one last thing, the rear deck. Just pull off all the pieces of the back and sides top and the speaker grill for the back. The rear deck will come out. I didn’t do it but that is the way to do it. The write up for that is at if u want it too. That’s my write up for dynamo mat. Hope it helps. I needed this when I was doin it.
Hope this helps
Ronald =D
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