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ok ok here it is, relax.
Refrence # 01-093
Date of issue-October 30, 2001
Honda-98-01 Preludes
Category- fuel-emissions
Applied to- 98-01 Prelude all
Probable cause-Primary heated oxygen sensor malfunctions
Corrective action-Replace O2 sensor
Parts info-PN 36531-p5m-014
Defect code- 072
Confirmation code-B03
Warranty Claim info- op# 1211 70 replace O2 sensor
op# 123503 clear codes with pgm tester
There was a few other things in there but i left them out,alls it said was u replace the part and then clear the code,but it had it for the Sh and base,2 diffrent ones i guess.Anyways i copied how it was in there,you wouldnt belive all the other TSB's i found about our cars.Enjoy
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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