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5th Gen Catalytic big is it?

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I'm thinking about building a turbo for my 97 Prelude, but I'm curious as to what kind of catalytic converter I should get to replace the one I have. How large are the openings on the ends of the stock cat? Can it be modified to be 3" openings? If not, what should we buy for a street (legal) cat? Is the 3" high flow cat legal?

Any help would be great
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The stock 5gen cat has 2 inch openings front and back. I don't know who makes a 3 inch high flow cat for the 5gen, cuz random technology only makes a 2inch one. If you live in an area where emissions testing doesn't exist...go obd1 and get a 3 inch straight pipe.
Thats the problem...I live in a place where emissions are tested regularly. So you see my dilema. Now, about that 3" high flow it legal?
All you guys out there with Turbo's on your Preludes....did you replace the cat with a high flow? Do you pass emissions tests?
Car Sound makes a 3" cat. No one makes a 3" exhaust though, so you will need to have it custom made.

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