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hey guys. i have a situation but its hard to find the manuals because all the topics are 15 years old :)

today i wanted to start my 98 lude’s 4ws. which has 60 error code earlier. i changed with a used one of the rear actuator for the error and then i got a 63 error. :). i changed the main 4ws ecu and reset the 4ws. no errors. yieeyy! it was workin on lift. however, when it gaves a error code 20 on the ground. i reset it 2-3 times. nothing changed. when i checked the error code it says main steering angle sensor (front). but i don’t know how to fix it. i think i need a service manual for it. because in some topics, you guys said it has to be centering. how can i do it? where can i do it? where is that sensor? :)

also i checked all the wirings. they all works.

could you please help me about it. thanks.
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