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4th gen VTEC exhaust fit SI???

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ok..i might be buying a catback off a 96 vtec and i have a 93 SI. But i dont think it exactly fits. I think you have to modify/cut or weld something. Can someone confirm this? or if you know for sure if it fits or not? Anyone done this? What has to be done? Thanks!
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It doesn't exactly fit.

Previously, I had a 93 Si and ordered a Greddy sp exhaust. Greddy exhausts for the 4th gen are all made for the VTEC models. The piping follows the same pattern but the VTEC models had a different catalytic converter compared to the S and Si models.

The catalytic converter bolt pattern on the VTEC's are positioned a little farther outwars than the Si's so I had to drill "in" the holes on the exhaust flange to increase the diameter which enabled me to connect the exhaust pipe with the cat.

That is the only difference, if you drill the holes a little it will fit perfectly. I used a standard drill with a metal bit. It took a while but it fit perfectly and there were no air leaks what-so-ever when finished.

Good luck

94 Prelude VTEC
You arent buying that used apex dunk from the guy on honda are you cause he said hed sell it to me
mark: thanks for your help!

gotryce: no, i might be getting it from a local guy.
What's wrong with the exhaust you have now!?


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