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Alright everyone, here is a pretty detailed DIY for the 5 lug swap on a 4th gen Prelude. I am providing everything you need to do it, part numbers, cost on OEM Honda parts, etc.

Parts Needed:
-5th Gen BASE Front Knuckles-SH spindle wont work
-5th Gen BASE Rear Knuckles(OPTIONAL)
-Been told you need the spindles but i didnt use them on mine.
-4th Gen VTEC Calipers, Pads on the front if your car is a S or Si
-5th Gen BASE Rotors F+R of your choice ex...(Brembo, Powerslot, Stoptech)
-4 more lug nuts-oem or whatever you already have
-5 lug wheels (your choice)
-Two large washers
-2 5mm Spacers
-2 OEM or other Rear Hub Assemblies
-2 Front Hub Bearings(OPTIONAL)
-ARP Extended Studs(OPTIONAL)
-2 Front Balljoints(OPTIONAL)

Part Numbers if you replace everything with OEM+extras
-Ball Joint Recall Kit(2 balljoints, axle nuts, cotter pins)-04510-SL5-000
-Castle Nut for Balljoints-90307-SL5-000
-Front Hub Bearing-44300-S84-A02
-ARP Extended Studs-ARP-100-7712 PACK OF 5 studs
-Brembo Blank Rotors-B25464
-Rear Hub Bearing, NUT, CAP-42200-S30-C51, 90305-S30-003, 42326-SG0-000

-3/8 Rachet with a 10mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm
-1/2 Rachet or Breaker Bar-19mm, 36mm socket and possibly 32 for the rear.
-Diagonal Cutters for cotter pins
-Good size hammer, or BFH

Alright down to business, the back i dont have a lot of pics but i got some and for the most part i dont have to many pics of disassembly. Sorry guys

First im starting on the front-Here is what you start with....

Use a 19mm and take the lug nuts off to remove the wheel, obviously your car should be jacked up already. After you remove the wheel you see the rotor caliper and everything sitting there. OLDER PIC-REFERENCE ONLY

Take the CV Axle nut off, 36mm with breaker bar, its a PITA, remove the two 17mm bolts holding the caliper+bracket on. 14mm will take the caliper off but not the bracket.

After that take the cotter pins out of all three castle nuts, remove the castle nuts, Once those are off hit the spindle in certain places with a hammer on the spindle to pop the balljoints and tie rod out. I do that since the pickle fork messes up you balljoints and the hammer trick works every time. You can see where i hit on the spindle to pop them out. Remove spindle

This i what you should have already waiting to go on, ball joints are there for reference and were installed after pic was taken. Dont pay attention to my wheel spacer-OPTIONAL PART

Install the new Spindle

Install is pretty much the reverse of removal for the upper ball joint, lower ball joint, and tie rod.

This is where it took me some time to think about the washer problem.....I kept thinking about what to use, i never found anything that people used, no pics for reference and i heard about washers being grinded down to fit. Well my fiance was talking to me about my rear 5 lug, basically how easy it was to unbolt the hub, DING! The washer on the factory rear 4 lug hub assemblies is perfect after you use a dremel on it. Here is the end result-

I waited to tighten the axle nut completely, just snug it and when you put the car on the ground torque it down, then stake the nut.

At this point put your new rotors on, if you got powerslot rotors, check for left and right, i got Brembo Blanks so it doesnt matter. If you are wondering, set screws for the rotor dont matter, its pressed on by the wheel regardless but the name basically tells its purpose.

Bolt your caliper back on

I looked at several threads and found people having issues with center caps and the axle protruding too much, so i ended up buying spacers to fix that and give a cleaner look, i got 10mm spacers from Checkerd Sports.

Bolt your new wheel and tire combo on

Dont forget to tighten the cv axle nut and your done.

Ill finish updating this when i get time, sorry everyone, 78hrs in 5 days at work is killer.

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Alright, Now onto the rear swap. This part lacks photos fyi.

First remove the rear wheels. Comparison of 4 to 5 lug.

Next you need to remove the bolts for the caliper and remove the caliper, after that do the same with the bracket.

You should be looking at a rotor by itself, there is two set screws that need to be removed. Dont try and remove them with a regular screwdriver, A-you can/will strip them out, B-They wont come out. Get a Impact Screwdriver and break them loose.
Remove rotor.

Pull the cap for the hub off to get to the spindle nut. Remove spindle nut, 32mm or 36mm. remove washer and hub bearing assembly.

Hub assembly with ARP ready to go.

Slide new hub bearing assembly on. Use the 5th gen prelude spindle nut.

At this point my camera could not be found and phone died. So no more pics, you shouldnt need help at this point if you made it this far.

Hub should be torqued on the spindle and cap put in place, tap it in with a hammer. Grab a 5mm spacer at this point and you need to mark the holes where the set screws are at on the rotor. Install spacer on hub, then install rotor+set screws.

Install your brake caliper and rotate the rotor for clearance issues. if none then your good to go. Finish installing the brake caliper and all the components.

Install wheels and your done.

Didnt take any of the entire car but will soon. If anyone has any questions then let me know. Thanks and i hope this helps.
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