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I have 30K on the car right now. I went to Honda to see what needs to be done for 30K and they gave me a list of things and told me it will cost $400 + tax

I'm also want to drive down to PRELUDE NATIONAL MEET and do the track day. Since i'll be putting about 2500 + miles on the car in just 4 days, I would like to know what I should do to prep my car for such a trip and abuse.

I would like to do all the things myself to save the money and also for the fact that HONDA will just charge me and most likely will not do jack.

Can someone list the things I should do such as replace or check or keep an eye on?


It's かげかぜ
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Owners manual pg 140-141

Under normal conditions
-air filter
-inspect valve clearances
-inspect and adjust drive belts
-Inspect front and rear brakes
-check parking brake adjustment
Visually inspect
-tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
-suspension components
-Driveshaft boots
-brake hoses and lines including abs
-all fluid levels and conditions of fluid
-cooling system hoses
-Exhaust system
-Fuel lines and connections

pg 141 has the "severe conditions" schedule

have fun:bigthumb: we cant go to anything like the PNM from hawaii:(
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