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most exciting trip back to school. driving from d.c. to philly up the I-95 i got 3 races down.

race 1= spanked the living daylights out of an audi a4 1.8, no contest as we both started at 50. shifting into 4th i had 3 car lengths. raced him several times since traffic seemed to always let us start over.

race 2= spanked a 94 mustang gt and some grand am gt. i guess they were already getting ready to race when i came up. whe they both gunned it at around 58 i jumped on it too. i started about a car length behind them and by the end of 3rd i had already hopped over 2 lanes to give me space to pass both of them. we raced a couple of times. never got a chance to line up 3 wide but always began behind them and pulled side by side and eventually walked both of them.

race 3= race 2 barely ended when a camaro ss pulled up. i knew i was done. all four of us lined up scattered when the ss just punched it and we all followed. i could say i put up a good fight but didn't. the ss was a good 15 car lengths when i hit a 115. those other guys were no match

all in all it was a fast trip but i got to spank a ford, a pontiac, and an audi in on trip

my l98 SH has the basics, CAI,headers, cat-back exhaust, and gude cams except i have 112000 miles. nice to know the car still likes the throttle opened. burns oil but still drives lke a charm
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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