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B cuz I got it like that.
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OMFG... cant believe I am actually parting ways with these devices... buts its time to move on:

On left is Sony Clie NX-80, on Right is SOny Clie NX-70

the big differences is the 80 the keyboard lights up.

first off the camera on the NX-80 is a bit busted.. it works.. by filming porns with it.. you will get a constant black frame insert... kinda annoying.. or artistic.. I dunno. The NX-70 works 100%, so the NX-80... 95%?

Ofcourse it includes all wires, and software for it to hook up to your computer for syncing. Based on the Symbian OS. Lots of software on their...
you will need a new "Stick" for poking it on the NX-70.

I am also including: a wireless card for getting on the internet.
also I will throw in 2 - 256 Meg Media cards for these devices.

Not scratched up, not raped, well cared for.

These PDA's are fantastic, have a ton of features.. go search the internet for details.

Make me an offer for one or both of them. I prefer to sell both... but.. like I said.. I might just completely cancel this offer... very hard to step away from these devices... because they work SO DAMN GOOD... recording my ladies.
You can set it to make no noise... plus its very lite.

Battery is rechargeable in both... but I would recommend replacing as they do not hold a charge extremely long.. like they use to.

you can get a replacement for like $5.00 on ebay. or Deal Extreme.

Shipping is $18 for both... or $9 for one. MAKE me an offer, before I change my mind...again. So I cant put on Ebay, obviously.
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