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1992 Prelude

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I recently bought a 1992 Prelude Si, I got it pretty cheap because the timing belt broke and needed a new head. Now the owner told me it wasn't a vtech, and from what I've researched the vtech wasn't available until 93'. I took it to the machine shop and they said it is a vtech. Could a vtech head have replaced the original head? I'm just curious to what you think may be the case?

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There was no VTEC model available in the USDM in 1992. Other markets had them though, JDM for sure, maybe Canada? Where are you located?

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I am located in Minnesota. I'm just wondering if a new engine may have been put in or what? The mechanic who is a Honda specialist told me that it was a Vtech, so either he is wrong or some how it got a Vtech or maybe its a 1993, I will have to check the VIN I guess to be sure.
give me the vin, I'll check it for you.

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why don't you just pop the hood and look on the head and see if it says VTEC...or was there an engine that didn't have it printed on it?
The VIN is JHMBB2254NC022188

I would check but the car is still at the shop.
On the title it says the type is a CP SIR=SiR?
it should say vtec on the valve cover....maybe he is thinking dohc=vtec...
The "BB2" means that you have an H23A1, 2.3 liter, non-VTEC engine. Unless someone did a swap of some kind.

1999 Prelude SH
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