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Hello everyone,

I just purchased a 1992 Prelude Is 4ws. It has the H23a1 currently in it. I bought it running but its in very bad shape but since I already have a H23 blue top I figured I would stick it in there.

My donor car that has the H23 in it, is a 1995 Honda Civic coupe that I totaled. I kept the car to use the engine and everything else I need to put in another car.

Well, since I came across this Lude Si I figured what better car to put this H23 in than this lude?

If anyone has any tips and tricks or even links that will help me, it would be much appreciated.

I figured since the H23 is already in a OBD1 car it won't be much of an issue to put it in the 92 Prelude.

Thanks for reading.

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