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  1. Third Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a 1990 prelude and its automatic. I want to make it manual the only provlem is I live in a island and im the only one that has a 3rd gen prelude...just wanted to ask is their any ora type of honda model that the transmission is interchangable with the 3rd gen prelude
  2. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Looking through alot of transmission info and wanted to see if i could clear things ups, preface by saying i have from what i know a bone stock type SH. from what ive seen the USDM type SH and JDM type S transmissions are the same, M2U4, and the SiR S Spec, M2Z4, has all the same gear ratios...
  3. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hello there, I'm new to the site and I've been doing some digging around for this issue but I can't seem to find what's really wrong with my car. I picked up a 1997 base 5th Gen prelude (H22) (181 000 kms) as my first car to drive. Everything was structurally sound and drives absolutely amazing...
  4. General Prelude Discussion
    I have a 2001 lude and I'm trying to do a transmission swap. I know I need an H manual transmission. It's a 4 cylinder so I think need a 4 speed. What all things do I need. Is there a checklist I could get. I'll try and buy the all slowly cause I don't have the guap just to drop on everything I...
  5. General Prelude Discussion
    I have a 1997 prelude automatic transmission, When I accelerate it slips only the first gear after that it runs normally. I have checked the transmission fluid it’s All good also the transmission solonoid. Does anyone know what’s up? I came to a conclusion it’s garbage now. I found a...
1-5 of 5 Results