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  1. Third Gen Prelude Discussion
    Has anyone ever thought of or tried putting the front clip of a 1991 accord on a 1991 prelude? Trying to think of ways to build my own inx
  2. General Prelude Discussion
    BACKGROUND: As bought -97 5th gen with H22A4 running a JDM ECU (P5P). Discovered the PO had modified the WIRING HARNESS a bit. Engine started blowing oil out the tail pipe- did a swap. NOW: Swapped to a low mileage H22 JDM using the same ECU (P5P) on original PO-modified wire harness. Runs very...
  3. General Prelude Discussion
    I have a 2001 lude and I'm trying to do a transmission swap. I know I need an H manual transmission. It's a 4 cylinder so I think need a 4 speed. What all things do I need. Is there a checklist I could get. I'll try and buy the all slowly cause I don't have the guap just to drop on everything I...
1-3 of 3 Results