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  1. Third Gen Prelude Discussion
    I was thinking of purchasing Hella comet 450 fog lights for my 89 Prelude and was wondering if anyone else has them installed on their gen 3's. I was also wondering how to get the OEM fog light switch, if anyone has one for sale or any other switch that works just as well. cheers
  2. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    So I need some pointers. I have a 99 prelude that I just bought. I’ve replaced quite a few parts already- EGR valve, cat converter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, etc.. It is throwing misfire codes for every single cylinder as well as the random misfire code. It was ALOT worse before I replaced...
  3. 5th Gen
    I bought a 98 Prelude and it is a trainwreck. I bought it in hope of fixing it up but it is still at the original owners house not moving. I think it is stuck in gear because it isn't in park but when I put it in neural it will not move. It also won't start and with a battery connected it shows...
  4. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hi, I just bought my first 99 Prelude Type SH. I have read that they have lights on the doors but mine just have one on the driver side, I was wondering if the previous owner just used a base model door panel for the passenger side for some reason or if this is normal? Also I found a second lamp...