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  1. Basket Case 98 Prelude

    5th Gen
    I bought a 98 Prelude and it is a trainwreck. I bought it in hope of fixing it up but it is still at the original owners house not moving. I think it is stuck in gear because it isn't in park but when I put it in neural it will not move. It also won't start and with a battery connected it shows...
  2. Does the 1999 Type SH Prelude has courtesy lights on both doors?

    Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hi, I just bought my first 99 Prelude Type SH. I have read that they have lights on the doors but mine just have one on the driver side, I was wondering if the previous owner just used a base model door panel for the passenger side for some reason or if this is normal? Also I found a second lamp...