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  1. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hi to everyone, I'm searching informations about the intake manifold of my F20A4 '97 Prelude, I've read in many forums that a common mod is to swap the oem intake manifold with the intake manifold from the H23A engine...I've found a couple online from the USA but I'm not sure because in the...
  2. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hi to everyone! My name is Matteo and I'm from Italy, I own a 5th gen Prelude 2.0i F20A4 engine, and I'm here asking for advice. I love my car, but after two years I'm thinking about an engine swap. Recently I found, near my place, an H22A5 from an other Prelude 5th gen, the engine seems to be...
  3. Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hi guys this is my first time on this forum. As the title reads I have a mostly stock '92 Prelude with the F20A4 engine. Recently the timing belt snapped and we (me and my dad) have yet to replace it to see if the engine's toast. On the positive I found a '94 Prelude with the H22A2 for sale...
1-3 of 3 Results