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  1. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    What would I need to remedy this situation (Any parts recommendation)
  2. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Seen a Skunk 2 resonated catback exhaust with spoon resonated decat on YouTube. Where would I start on getting this let alone getting in on the car?
  3. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    I have a 98 base prelude, and I'm looking to buy the Invidia N1. All the sites seem kinda shady, with no reviews, so I was wondering what site has good deals and will actually send the product.
  4. 5th Gen
    Hello everyone. I just finished installing my exhaust this weekend and I’m fairly happy with everything except for I have one pipe that hangs kinda low? Is this typical with aftermarket exhausts? Didn’t know if I could fix this by maybe getting some shorter rubber hangers or something. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results