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  1. Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Good evening, So I have had a wild thought run through my mind recently and that’s an AWD J series 4th gen prelude. As wild as the idea seems, I really don’t think it will take all too much custom fab to do. I’ll start off by saying the J series engines aren’t really hard to find especially in...
  2. General Prelude Discussion
    hey everyone so I have a 99 prelude that has a pretty bad engine. Now I am new to the engine scene, but is it possible to fit an f23a into my prelude? I cant find an h22 or h23 for a good price, so that is why i am asking about the f23a. Or is there any other engines i can fit into the prelude...
  3. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    I’m 15 and bought my first car around half a year ago. Super happy with it, however i’m interested in swapping my h22a4 with a newer low mileage one. My engine right now has 220k miles so should I not bother with a rebuild? I have around $2,500 saved up and have 6 months until I get my license...
  4. Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hi guys this is my first time on this forum. As the title reads I have a mostly stock '92 Prelude with the F20A4 engine. Recently the timing belt snapped and we (me and my dad) have yet to replace it to see if the engine's toast. On the positive I found a '94 Prelude with the H22A2 for sale...
  5. Engine swap.

    Engine removal, making progress. First time removing an engine.
1-6 of 6 Results