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  1. Rear Seat Hook Removal

    Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    While trying to get to the front seatbelts to have them repaired I came to my first stop, removing the middle floor gusset. I have tried with multiple trim removal tools and even a good yank but I cannot remove the rear seat hook pieces to save my life. Can I get any help? Thanks!
  2. Auto to manual swap pedal question

    Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Alright boys, New to the form just look to see if anyone could help me out, I have a 97 2.2 VTI and I'm looking to swap the auto box out for a manual, I have been looking out for parts but I'm trying not to spend too much, But anyway I have a set of pedals out of a ch1 ATR in the garage and I...
  3. Need direction. I want boost

    Forced Induction
    Just bought a 97’ prelude with the H22a of a 98’ in it. I want to turboCharge it, not a whole lot of people I know who can help. So I’m here. Looking for help with my new project.
  4. Does the 1999 Type SH Prelude has courtesy lights on both doors?

    Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hi, I just bought my first 99 Prelude Type SH. I have read that they have lights on the doors but mine just have one on the driver side, I was wondering if the previous owner just used a base model door panel for the passenger side for some reason or if this is normal? Also I found a second lamp...