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    The city I live in has absolutely atrocious roads. I scrape even in stock suspension. I need new shocks since mine are blown. I would like to lower my car, but I would be saying goodbye to my bumper. I'm not sure where to get OEM shocks and springs, so I was wondering what aftermarket ones are...
  2. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    First off, I am a middle age male having a midlife crisis. That is at least what I tell my wife. I call my 97 Prelude my midlife crisis car. I acquired it a year ago with spun bearings for a cheap price. I drove through the mountains of B.C. to pick up a different Prelude and trailer it home to...
  3. 5th Gen
    Hello everyone. I just finished installing my exhaust this weekend and I’m fairly happy with everything except for I have one pipe that hangs kinda low? Is this typical with aftermarket exhausts? Didn’t know if I could fix this by maybe getting some shorter rubber hangers or something. Thanks