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  1. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a pretty low mileage prelude base, 2001. The previous owner put it on lowered springs and doesn't have the original springs anymore. The roads here in Alberta are terrible and bumpy for my ride height so would like to restore my car back to its original height. There are some...
  2. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    The city I live in has absolutely atrocious roads. I scrape even in stock suspension. I need new shocks since mine are blown. I would like to lower my car, but I would be saying goodbye to my bumper. I'm not sure where to get OEM shocks and springs, so I was wondering what aftermarket ones are...
  3. Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion
    First off, I am a middle age male having a midlife crisis. That is at least what I tell my wife. I call my 97 Prelude my midlife crisis car. I acquired it a year ago with spun bearings for a cheap price. I drove through the mountains of B.C. to pick up a different Prelude and trailer it home to...
  4. 5th Gen
    Hello everyone. I just finished installing my exhaust this weekend and I’m fairly happy with everything except for I have one pipe that hangs kinda low? Is this typical with aftermarket exhausts? Didn’t know if I could fix this by maybe getting some shorter rubber hangers or something. Thanks