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  1. Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion
    So I am stumped...have a 1993 prelude vtec with an OBD1 P13 computer running an h22a1 engine. Everything is stock with the exception of a manual tensioner on the timing belt. Car was running completely fine. Took it for a drive a few days ago, an hour later went to start it to put it in the...
  2. Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hi guys this is my first time on this forum. As the title reads I have a mostly stock '92 Prelude with the F20A4 engine. Recently the timing belt snapped and we (me and my dad) have yet to replace it to see if the engine's toast. On the positive I found a '94 Prelude with the H22A2 for sale...
  3. Engine swap.

    Engine removal, making progress. First time removing an engine.
  4. Engine swap.

    Engine removal preparations.
1-5 of 5 Results