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  1. Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion
    does anyone have the dimensions of the 1995 honda prelude cupholder, mine just snapped :/, need them to 3d print a new one
  2. Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion
    ok so my idle in my 92 si bounces and doesn’t seem to stop, i took my intake off and plugged the top hole with my finger and the engine ran normally what does this mean. (what does that top hole do and how to i fix the bouncing) i also already replaced the IACV and i tightened down the FIAC...
  3. Preludes For Sale
    Selling this Prelude after an accident. Everything working but the passenger door and cruise control. Clean, minimal rust. Engine rebuilt, blueprinted and balanced by ASF Machine, Grand Junction, Colorado. Hate to see our baby go but aren't able to fund the body repairs. Hopefully someone will...
  4. 4th Gen
    Where can I find a windshield for a 96 Honda prelude type s 4th gen at a reasonable price because I can't seem to find one anywhere near me to even have one in stock. I hate getting the same answers over and over that they are discontinued and they don't longer make them. I have found a couple...
  5. Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion
    So I am stumped...have a 1993 prelude vtec with an OBD1 P13 computer running an h22a1 engine. Everything is stock with the exception of a manual tensioner on the timing belt. Car was running completely fine. Took it for a drive a few days ago, an hour later went to start it to put it in the...
  6. Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion
    Hi guys this is my first time on this forum. As the title reads I have a mostly stock '92 Prelude with the F20A4 engine. Recently the timing belt snapped and we (me and my dad) have yet to replace it to see if the engine's toast. On the positive I found a '94 Prelude with the H22A2 for sale...
  7. Engine swap.

    Engine removal preparations.
  8. Engine swap.

    Engine removal, making progress. First time removing an engine.
1-9 of 9 Results