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3rd gen prelude
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  1. Third Gen Prelude Discussion
    I have an issue on my 89 gen 3 where all the lights on the car diagram on the dash are on and they won't turn off regardless of whether all the doors are shut or not. does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it. I have tried cleaning the sensors on the door but it hasn't worked.
  2. Third Gen Prelude Discussion
    I was thinking of purchasing Hella comet 450 fog lights for my 89 Prelude and was wondering if anyone else has them installed on their gen 3's. I was also wondering how to get the OEM fog light switch, if anyone has one for sale or any other switch that works just as well. cheers
  3. Third Gen Prelude Discussion
    Has anyone ever thought of or tried putting the front clip of a 1991 accord on a 1991 prelude? Trying to think of ways to build my own inx
1-3 of 3 Results