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Honda Prelude Discussion

General Prelude Discussion

Topics relevant to Preludes of all generations (paint, insurance, inspection, etc).
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New Member Introductions

New to the forum? Introduce yourself!
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Ride of the Month

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Fifth Gen Prelude Discussion

'97-'01-specific Prelude topics
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Fourth Gen Prelude Discussion

'92-'96-specific Prelude topics
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Third Gen Prelude Discussion

'88-'91-specific Prelude topics
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Honda Prelude FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions archive - All information in this FAQ is copyrighted to the author AND PreludeOnline.Com
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Vendors The supporting vendors in this section have made a commitment to the community and help support this website. Please consider using a supporting vendor for your future purchases and support the vendors who support you. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

Need to customize or repair your Honda Prelude? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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Vendor Deals

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Driveline Technical Discussion

Forced Induction

For all of your turbo and supercharger questions
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Naturally Aspirated

Post questions regarding pistons, cams, timing, VTEC, bore size, stroke etc...
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Mmmm, cheap horsepower...
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Wheels & Tires

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Classifieds Area This section contains the buy/sell forums.

Preludes For Sale

Looking for a used Prelude? Look no further!
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Parts Classifieds

Parts For Sale / To Buy from the PreludeOnline membership. No commerical classifieds permitted.
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General Classifieds

Sell non-Prelude related items here.
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  • 2M Group Buys

Group buys from the supporting vendors of
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Honda Prelude eBay Classifieds

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Honda News & Site News/Polls

Honda News & Site News

Honda News & Site News will be posted here in this section. This section contains articles that appear on the front page of the website. Only Administrators may start new threads in this section.
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Honda Polls & Site Polls

Honda Polls & Site Polls will be posted here in this section. This section contains polls that appear on the front page of the website. Only Administrators may start new polls in this section.
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  • 34.2K Site Help Desk

Report VBulletin/PO bugs & errors here and give feedback and suggestions.
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Other Discussion

Product Reviews

Review products and post their worth to the Prelude community!
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Car Entertainment and Security

All About Car Audio, Video, Accessories, and Security Systems
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Detailer's Corner

Prelude washing/waxing cleaning products
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Members' Rides

The official "check out my ride" forum. Post pics of your car in an effort to make others jealous.
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Meetings & Events

Get the latest news on events in your area.
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Autocross & Road Racing

Auto-X and road racing discussion
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Drag Racing

Launch techniques and shift patterns
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Street Racing

Share your encounters on the open road
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Off Topic Area Special Members Area - This section contains many of the areas that are off limits to regular members, such as the Off-Topic area. Please enter at your own risk as some things in here might be NSFW.
Regional Forums

Listing of Regional Forums in the continental US

Find members of PO in your area to beat up! (This forum is NOT REALLY LOCKED)
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The North Texas Prelude Owners Group
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