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Announcements in Forum : Wheels & Tires
02-15-2008 until 12-31-2024
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**** NEW USERS : Forum README + Forum rules ****

This posting is an introduction on the rules of, and an index into popular topics and questions. Please read the entire thing before you create new topics on this forum, because they will help you navigate this site and find what you are looking for.

Forum Rules:
  1. No Soliciting outside the designated forums. This means no private for sale threads, want to buy threads, groupbuy threads, links to Ebay items, or other solicitations to buy or sell parts inside the technical forum areas. We have a specific Classifieds area for buying/selling; please use it. Users wanting to advertise their business on PreludeOnline can register with the site administrator for this privilege. Please contact any Moderator and ask if you are interested in this option. Threads which violate this rule will be promptly deleted by the moderators.
  2. Please use the appropriate forum. There is a right forum for everything. Please think about where your topic belongs before you post it. General Discussion is for all topics common to Preludes, or applies to more than one generation. 5th and 4th generation specific threads belong in their sub-forums. Other specific forums include Wheel & Tire, Members Rides, and especially our Off-Topic forum. Don't post the same thread in multiple forums, it's confusing and it makes the forums harder to read.
  3. Don't hijack other people's threads. This means that you should not post questions or statements in a pre-existing thread that has nothing to do with the thread's topic. It is very rude, and you are pretty certain not to get answers. Not only that, but it frustrates users who may search for topics, and find threads full of irrelevant discussion. If you want to ask something, please create a new thread for it.
  4. Absolutely no foul language, insults to other members, flaming, trolling, or antagonizing other members. First and second infractions will result in warnings from Moderators. If you break this rule, you put yourself at risk for being banned if your behavior is excessive.
  5. No promotion of piracy or Intellectual Property infringement. Regardless of your personal views on distributing content online, we won't allow it on the forums. This is for the legal protection of, not because we hate you. Don't post links to copyrighted reading material, music, or movies. Moderators will delete links to this content if we see it.
  6. Contact our Moderators if you think something is wrong. We work as a team, and we are here to help you. We are only human, and sometimes we can miss certain rule breakage. Send us a Personal Message (PM) by clicking on our profile, or click the little icon to report a post. Posts which have the Red or Yellow card like this means the user posting has been issued a warning by a moderator for rulebreaking.
  7. The administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit your posts if you break any of these rules. In general we do not engage in censorship, however we will take action if we feel that a fair user environment is not being created.
  8. Become a registered vendor if you want to sell your goods through the forum. Registered vendors may advertise their products and services through the forums. Any commercial or even private vendor who is not registered may not use the forum for advertising. If you want to inquire about becoming a vendor here, please contact an representative. The local contact for this board is Nadeem, at <[email protected]>.
  9. Obey our signature rules. The rules for signatures are as follows:
    • No taller than 150-pixels
    • No wider than 600-pixels
    • No more than 50kb
    • One image only
    • Please keep images appropriate for the workplace--meaning, no nudity, lewd pictures (sexually suggestive), racist, offensive language, illegal acts, etc. If you are unsure, PM a moderator and ASK!

    • All the rules above apply to text as well
    • No more than the equivalent of 4 lines tall of normal text size
    Borderline infractions will be issued a warning. Multiple warnings will result in banning.

How Use the Forum Like a Pro:
  1. Use the search feature. I can't stress this enough. This feature should be your bread and butter on Use it frequently! The reason is that this forum has been online for about 8 years now, and during that time we have discussed nearly every possible topic you can dream of. That is not to say we've covered absolutely everything, but there is a 95% chance the subject you are interested in has already been discussed in detail. You can learn almost everything there is to know about the Prelude by searching on old topics. Click on this big button in the upper left hand side:
  2. Read the "sticky" topics in each forum. They contain valuable, common information that you are likely going to want to know. These threads will answer nearly all of the common questions you may have.
  3. Fill out your user profile. Please fill in data such as where you live, and what kind of Prelude/car you have. This helps other users respond better to your questions.
  4. Write your topic titles using specific, non-vague language, so the readers will know what the purpose of the thread is. Making a post like "please help!" doesn't tell us anything.
  5. Similarly to the above, be as specific as possible when answering questions. If you ask a question about how many quarts of transmission fluid to use, be specific and tell us if it's an auto/manual.
  6. Do not answer users' technical questions to which you don't know the answer. There are a lot of armchair mechanics on these forums, and they are the source of 99% of all mis-information. The only thing worse than no information is wrong information. Do not just reply to a post because you think you know the answer. It makes things twice as hard for everyone to have to filter out good information from bad.
  7. Please use proper English. This is not directed at non-native speakers; we understand if English is not your native language. Don't be afraid to do your best, we will try and understand you. However, do not use text-speak, random capitalization, or other language horrors that have sprung up over the last 10 or so years. Very likely you will not be taken seriously.
  8. Don't feel bad about asking any questions. If your question has been covered many times previously, you will probably get some unfriendly responses (because you didn't read this topic). However, if your topic was covered by old discussions and you still don't understand, then just say so when you ask your question. People will respond to you much better. Not everyone is a master mechanic, so that's ok if if takes you awhile to get the hang of things. We all had to be there at some point in time.
  9. Google is your friend. Sometimes Google can find answers to your questions. You are still welcome to discuss anything Prelude related here, but if you really need an answer fast, Google is a good option. It is especially useful if you need information on aftermarket parts.
I am not an active moderator on this site anymore. Please contact Phryxis or liquidxnitez for help with your issues.
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